Measurement and control software for superconducting qubits.

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Raytheon BBN Technologies' Qlab

A MATLAB framework for superconducting qubit systems.


To download or clone the repository, you must first be granted access by a member of the BBN Qlab team. Contact one of us to get access.

Once you have access, simply download and unzip the latest release. Or, if you want the tip of the development repository, clone a local copy with

git clone git@github.com:BBN-Q/Qlab.git localname

The code is loosely organized into

Before running any of the scripts, add basedir/common/src and basedir/common/src/util to your MATLAB path. The pulse generation routines in experiment/muWaveDection/sequences further depend on setting a MATLAB preference for the path to a pulse configuration file. See the pulse generation documentation for details.

See the wiki for further help.

All source is distributed under the Apache open source license.


Principal developers: Blake Johnson (@blakejohnson) and Colm Ryan (@caryan)