Controlling quantum systems is a challenge. To address this challenge, BBN has developed many tools for the collection and analysis of experimental data relating to quantum information. Below is a brief and incomplete list of some software you’ll find in our Github organization.

Quantum control


  • Auspex – a generic experimental framework for controlling instruments
  • QGL – Quantum Gate Language for creating quantum computing experiments
  • bbndb – experimental database supporting Auspex and QGL

Control hardware

Gateware and drivers for controlling BBN Advanced Pulse Sequencer (APS) instruments and COTS digitizers from Alazar and Interconnect Systems

  • libaps2 – control software and drivers for the current generation APS
  • libaps – control software and drivers for first generation APS
  • libx6 – firmware and drivers for the X6-1000M transceiver card
  • libalazar – firmware and drivers for the ATS9870 Alazar digitizer


Code for analysis and exploration of quantum Information